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The Social Job Hunt – Part II

Last year I wrote a post entitled ” The Social Job Hunt: Build your online brand and Tweet your way to a great career” which appeared in the 2011 Entrypark International Career Book. This year I would like to take … Continue reading

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Mobile – 7 Reasons why it’s perfect for marketing (+1 more)

Building further on my thesis research, here are a few tidbits of why the mobile medium is so perfectly suited for marketing communications. None of the points below should be new to anyone closely following the growth and development of … Continue reading

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The Employment Market Exchange: Do Top Job Seekers have leverage?

In order to complete our Masters degree at the Stockholm School of Economics, all of the authors on this blog are required to write a master thesis. My thesis will attempt to analyze how firms implement a mobile recruiting strategy … Continue reading

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The Social Job Hunt: Build your Online Brand and ‘Tweet’ your Way to a Great Career

The recruitment game has changed! It’s no longer about formal resumes or cover letters. Recruiters all over the world are sourcing talent through social media. The Online Urban Legend Turned REALITY Did you heard about the Stanford student who got … Continue reading

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CSR and Social Media for a Troubled Brand

The last assignment we had in our Sustainability Marketing course last semester was to come up with a proposal for how Vattenfall – Europe’s third-largest energy company which is wholly owned by the Swedish Government – can build trust in the Vattenfall … Continue reading

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4M Recap

Hello all the soon to be SSE 4M Students! We thought it would be best to use this forum to write a few words about our experience at SSE so far. As you may know, our year was the first … Continue reading

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How Nokia Uses Social Media

This past weekend a few of us attended the CEMS Nordic Forum in Helsinki. Apart from being a great party and bonding experience, the forum also introduced us to a few new initiatives at Nokia. The speakers, @jussipekka and @mingk, … Continue reading

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Book Suggestions by Paul Meyer

My father, Paul Meyer, a chemist by training with an odd obsession for statistics, has been challenging my mind since the day I was born. From Chaos Theory to Quantum Mechanics, my dad has the ability to explain some of the … Continue reading

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3D Moves

A few weeks ago in class we discussed the topic of 3D technology. Some thought it wouldn’t pick up, some thought it had great potential. Some of the biggest  roadblocks with the technology are that you need special glasses to … Continue reading

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Music in the Subway Makes the Heart Sing

This afternoon I took my usual subway ride from Gamla Stan to Rådmansgatan. On the way there I was lucky enough to catch the performance of an “on the actual” subway band. The band, which was made up of a two … Continue reading

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