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How about a Coke?

Note: All information taken from Interbrand. Poll is open until 06-03-2010.

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Why do we have exams?

For a while now, I have been thinking about exams, and why our performance in school to a large extent is based on our results from exams. The idea behind an exam is that you read, read, read until your … Continue reading

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“The Box”

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What happens to Apple without Steve Jobs?

In his latest book, Chief Culture Officer, Canadian anthropologist Grant McCracken argues for the need for organizations to understand culture. The subheading of the book reads How to Create a Living Breathing Corporation and I think this summarizes the point … Continue reading

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Project Natal: How soon is now?

This is a topic, I’ve been wanting to write about since a long time. But after our latest case study for the Media Management course (“Electronic Arts: The Blockbuster Strategy”) and today’s guest lecture by Gustav Enekull – Marketing Manager … Continue reading

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Social Media ROI-Case studies

On Wednesday, February 17th, 2010, Compete announced that Facebook surged passed Yahoo! as the number two most popular website in the U.S. (nearly 134 Million Unique Visitors in January 2010). So, clearly social media has value, but how to prove … Continue reading

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The Tiger Woods Affair

Seeing as the Year of the Tiger has just begun, I thought it might be appropriate to discuss the circus surrounding the golfer Tiger Woods right now. As I happened to be in the U.S. on February 19th, I had … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Magic vs. Twilight Magic

After studying the Harry Potter marketing case, and in particular the way that they were kind of restrained in their marketing made me think of an opposite approach employed by another franchise, The Twilight series. Looking at the two franchises … Continue reading

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On the Future of Social Media

The last years have been characterised by a rapid increase in the use of social media in general and social network sites in particular to disclose previously highly personal contents to an increasingly wider circle of people. Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, … Continue reading

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Buzz about Google Buzz

Google is now entering the area of social media for real with Google Buzz. Google Buzz can be described as a mix between Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku and Friendfeed. During the last couple of hours, there has already been a lot … Continue reading

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