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VP Marketing at Wrapp. Swede trying to adjust to all the sunshine and fog in San Francisco. And the great cocktails.

‘Facebook effect’ on grades?

Today one of the bloggers on Mashable, Jolie O’Dell wrote an interesting post and started an interesting discussion regarding students’ usage of social media and the impact on grades. She asks whether we students perceive our activities on social media to have … Continue reading

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Facebook Places

If true and if successful. This can be huge. This can change a lot. According to Mashable, Facebook is launching Facebook Places in their I-phone-app. The application show local deals on places near you. There are different kinds of deals, … Continue reading

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Improve the CV by making it interactive

Have you also questioned why we still are supposed to send in letters (even if they are digital) to our potential future employers? Letters were invented thousands of years ago when that was the only way of communicating with two … Continue reading

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PR on Facebook

Do you use Facebook as a PR tool and measure your success by the number of likes? Recently Facebook released statistics on the value of a “Like”, read about it on Media Culpa, a blog by a Swedish PR consultant, … Continue reading

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The Swedish Election – a trending topic on Facebook

Facebook is a busy town square where people are handing out flyers – at all times. The time when our political view was something we kept for our selves is gone. It is less than a week until the election … Continue reading

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Monkeys are as irrational as humans or vice versa

During last year in school our professor Richard Wahlund made an experiment with us and tested our rationality. The very same experiment has now been done with monkeys. The result from our class was not only identical with what other … Continue reading

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From a PR-perspective

It is summer and school will not start until another month. Most of us in the class are working as summer interns for different companies or organizations, some are travelling others are taking a summer course. I am one of … Continue reading

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