3D Moves

A few weeks ago in class we discussed the topic of 3D technology. Some thought it wouldn’t pick up, some thought it had great potential. Some of the biggest  roadblocks with the technology are that you need special glasses to watch it and that it has to be produced in a special format that doesn’t look very good without the glasses. However, after the success of Avatar and now Alice in Wonderland, people seem to be really excited about it.

Here are some other companies betting on 3D success: Samsung and Sony are detailing plans for a 3D TV, as is a Belgium newspaper. Interesting…  Is this picking up or is it just another phase?

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One Response to 3D Moves

  1. Eleni says:

    Agree. It seems that something is going on with this – rather old – technology. I remember watching a 3D film in the US already in 2001. Whatever happened in between and what delayed the commercial spread of the 3D technology? I wonder..

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