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Pin Me Pretty: What is Pinterest?

Hello there! I’m back after a loooong silence that has been mainly caused by extreme busy-ness, no inspiration and a general drought when it comes to ideas. Today, I’ll do my comeback with a new social network that has been … Continue reading

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Mobile – 7 Reasons why it’s perfect for marketing (+1 more)

Building further on my thesis research, here are a few tidbits of why the mobile medium is so perfectly suited for marketing communications. None of the points below should be new to anyone closely following the growth and development of … Continue reading

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The Employment Market Exchange: Do Top Job Seekers have leverage?

In order to complete our Masters degree at the Stockholm School of Economics, all of the authors on this blog are required to write a master thesis. My thesis will attempt to analyze how firms implement a mobile recruiting strategy … Continue reading

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‘Facebook effect’ on grades?

Today one of the bloggers on Mashable, Jolie O’Dell wrote an interesting post and started an interesting discussion regarding students’ usage of social media and the impact on grades. She asks whether we students perceive our activities on social media to have … Continue reading

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  G’day everybody! I thought I would post here the podcast I made for my entrepreneurship course at the University of Sydney, during the Fall semester 2010 (on CEMS exchange). The quality is not good, the editing is poor but … Continue reading

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How to market an oscar candidate

With the Oscar Ceremony taking place on the 27 of February, I thought it would be a good idea to give some advice for future film-makers in how they should market their potential Oscar candidates, or more importantly when. The … Continue reading

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Nokia <3 Microsoft

It was recently announced that two of the least exciting, yet major actors on the cell phone market have created a strategic partnership. The announcement followed shortly after a memo written by Nokia’s new, firts-ever non-finnish CEO had become public. … Continue reading

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