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Banned from TV!, the online gambling website, made a commercial for Germany that is not fit for German TV, according to the always so credible newspaper Aftonbladet. Take a look: Oooh yeaaahhhhh, some good ultra violence there. To me, it is pretty … Continue reading

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Blow up school kids, get some buzz

Environmentalist group 10:10 wants you to decrease your carbon dioxide emissions (or whatever, one of those bad gases anyway) with ten percent. Coolio. To spread the word, they made a three minute long clip where they make köttfärssås out of … Continue reading

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I hate my boss! an experiment

I hate my boss! “I hate my boss”? People who know me might be surprised by that headline. Since I am still at school, I don’t even have a boss. If I were working, I don’t think I would hate … Continue reading

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Val 2010: a few comments

In about a month, around 80 percent of the Swedes over 18 years of age will vote in the upcoming general election. That is, of course, if the parties have not made everyone sick of the election by that point. Political campaigning seems to be like christmas, it starts earlier and earlier every time. Without being too political about it, here is a few things I have noticed. Continue reading

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Like buttah?

I am getting a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: Discuss

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She was a young Bodenian

This morning I went back up north to my hometown Boden (click here and zoom out a bit to see where it is) to spend a week with my family. The town fights a slow war against an increasingly older … Continue reading

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Well played, BP

The BP oil leak “scandal” for a lack of a better word has not been all bad, some of you might have gotten enormous amounts of joy from the fake twitter account BP Global PR. However, the real people at … Continue reading

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World cup and Nike commercials

In three weeks, this year’s biggest event will take place in South Africa, the football World Cup. It is hard not to get super psyched, especially when the commercials from the apparel makers are starting to roll. As a kid … Continue reading

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Why not take the train?

Dagens Nyheter report that the Swedish train travelling made a slight decrease last year. If you are worried about what happened with the profits of SJ, I can ease you anxiety. They are decent. In a related article from the … Continue reading

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Snow chaos is not something to laugh about

Aftonbladet as well as other newspapers are working overtime tonight, as they promise to keep you updated on the weather problems. As of right now, noone has been hurt except for two people in a car accident, a guy who … Continue reading

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