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Improve the CV by making it interactive

Have you also questioned why we still are supposed to send in letters (even if they are digital) to our potential future employers? Letters were invented thousands of years ago when that was the only way of communicating with two … Continue reading

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The Social Job Hunt: Build your Online Brand and ‘Tweet’ your Way to a Great Career

The recruitment game has changed! It’s no longer about formal resumes or cover letters. Recruiters all over the world are sourcing talent through social media. The Online Urban Legend Turned REALITY Did you heard about the Stanford student who got … Continue reading

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Tentative Visions

We live in the time of convergence. Cell phones have practically merged with computers and a single laptop is as capable as a music studio. However, there is one gadget in our homes that has managed to escape this trend: … Continue reading

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Shoes of Prey

Hello followers from around the globe, The DIY trend hit the shoe-biz! Of course, you’re not supposed to become yourself’s little Schuhmacher, but you can feel like Blahnik for a day. The Sydney-based start-up ‘Shoes of Prey’ allows you to … Continue reading

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Blow up school kids, get some buzz

Environmentalist group 10:10 wants you to decrease your carbon dioxide emissions (or whatever, one of those bad gases anyway) with ten percent. Coolio. To spread the word, they made a three minute long clip where they make köttfärssås out of … Continue reading

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