‘Facebook effect’ on grades?

Today one of the bloggers on Mashable, Jolie O’Dell wrote an interesting post and started an interesting discussion regarding students’ usage of social media and the impact on grades. She asks whether we students perceive our activities on social media to have a positive or negative impact on grades.

I think you all should comment on her post and leave your views on the subject. My opinion is that it certainly could have a negative impact since interaction on social networks does take time, time that could have been used to study instead. On the other hand, how much do we watch television nowadays? I never (or seldom) spend time watching TV and my guess is that the average student did spend more time watching TV a few years ago. Media habits have for sure changed, but the question is if it has any impact on how much time (or effort) we spend on studying? I don’t know. But I don’t think so.

I think it’s relevant, and interesting to look into the usage of social media in a broader sense, beyond grades. (My opinion is that grades aren’t very useful anyway). What impact have one’s activities on social media on the job seeking process? How important is it that you have built an online personal presence when applying for a job? Do you learn other (relevant for your studies) things by using social media, that you wouldn’t have learned without spending time in front of your screen?

I am interested, too, to hear your thoughts and ideas regarding this subject. Is there a ‘Facebook effect’ on our studies? If so, is it mainly positive or negative?

I think it is very hard to compare and say how the grades would have been if I was not active on social media, but I do not think that my grades would have been better without it. It’s hard for me to see any negative aspects, rather I have done a lot of things because of my activities on social media, organized two TEDx events, made presentations, got the opportunity to write my thesis for a company, built my professional network, to mention some of them. But, yes, it is easier to interact on social media than to start reading an academic text and yes, I do spend a lot of time on those networks. Overall, my personal opinion is that the ‘Facebook effect’ on my studies are more positive than negative. What’syour opinion?

About Lisa Enckell

VP Marketing at Wrapp. Swede trying to adjust to all the sunshine and fog in San Francisco. And the great cocktails.
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2 Responses to ‘Facebook effect’ on grades?

  1. Eleni Miliou says:

    I agree with you, Liz. I often find myself getting inspiration from social media, either from peers or from successful people I admire. Not to mention all the possibilities of crowd-sourcing and feedback on your -sometimes- academic work. In my opinion, social media (and in particular Twitter) are a adding a whole different dimension to my studies making them way more educational and fun..! Win-win 😉

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