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Why do I consider Foppa crocs and my “Appelq” Nike ID shoes to be good products?

Next week the MCXL semester starts. MCXL is a special program offered at Stockholm School of Economics aiming to foster the best marketers and communicators of tomorrow. MCXL was founded in 2002 by the rock star of SSE, Professor Micael … Continue reading

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Val 2010: a few comments

In about a month, around 80 percent of the Swedes over 18 years of age will vote in the upcoming general election. That is, of course, if the parties have not made everyone sick of the election by that point. Political campaigning seems to be like christmas, it starts earlier and earlier every time. Without being too political about it, here is a few things I have noticed. Continue reading

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Monkeys are as irrational as humans or vice versa

During last year in school our professor Richard Wahlund made an experiment with us and tested our rationality. The very same experiment has now been done with monkeys. The result from our class was not only identical with what other … Continue reading

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