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Jag har nyligen börjat nära en besatthet av triathlon. Utöver det älskar jag prylar och att se nya platser. Min blogg kommer att vara en egocentrisk frossa i min träning med inslag av tankar kring utrustning och upplevelser runt omkring.

Nokia <3 Microsoft

It was recently announced that two of the least exciting, yet major actors on the cell phone market have created a strategic partnership. The announcement followed shortly after a memo written by Nokia’s new, firts-ever non-finnish CEO had become public. … Continue reading

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Tentative Visions

We live in the time of convergence. Cell phones have practically merged with computers and a single laptop is as capable as a music studio. However, there is one gadget in our homes that has managed to escape this trend: … Continue reading

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International Week: Russia revealed

Здравствуйте! This post will be about my personal impressions from life and studies in St Petersburg, Russia. Although not even two hours away from Stockholm by airplane, I must say it’s culturally quite a journey. Russia is a country of … Continue reading

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Products and Money Getting Lost Online

A recent project has directed my focus to Internet startups for the last couple of months. As a part of this,  I have been looking into what business models that may be successful in the current online environment. What this … Continue reading

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Creativity Turns Theory into Practice

I would like to expand on Per’s post about the manner of teaching (and learning) at our program. In my view, it’s been a great way to improve one’s marketing skills as well as to increase one’s confidence in the … Continue reading

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SSE4M brings you TEDxSSE4m!

We are excited to announce that we have been approved as TEDx licensees. This means that on April 21, we will arrange TEDxSSE4m, where fascinating speakers will share their ideas and great discussions will take place. More information will follow, … Continue reading

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Ads on the Go

During today’s guest lecture regarding search engines, we touched upon the matter of advertising in cell phones. This article, concerning a patent from Apple about how to keep segments of a movie clip locked until an ad has been shown, … Continue reading

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