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Why do you blog?

An interesting survey I came upon at Problogger.net.

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I read this cool blog…

It’s about time the SSE 4M blog got a blogroll. Our list of links could include blogs relating to marketing, media, business, communication, social media, technology or any other field that you see as offering valuable knowledge to marketing professionals. … Continue reading

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____ in plain English!

“… in Plain English” is a series of videos produced by Common Craft to explain complex topics in simple, 3-minute, animated videos. Useful and very entertaining clips but most of all an interesting business idea. For further concepts explained “in plain … Continue reading

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Brothers in Paint

Changes in consumer behavior and technology have implications for marketing and market research. We saw a glimpse of this as we were running around on Second Life, analyzing the strategic situation of various virtual entrepreneurs. Another evolving tool is videography, … Continue reading

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What happens to Apple without Steve Jobs?

In his latest book, Chief Culture Officer, Canadian anthropologist Grant McCracken argues for the need for organizations to understand culture. The subheading of the book reads How to Create a Living Breathing Corporation and I think this summarizes the point … Continue reading

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Some great Marketing Blogs

Trendwatching Marketing Trend Spotting SpringWise Twist Image Seth Godin Buzz Machine Advert Blog Communications Overtones Social Media Marketing

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