Inspiring and spot-on thoughts, Vanessa and Pierre. My two lovely classmates have covered a range of topics: the good and not-as-good surprises, the awesome bond of the class, the nature of the program, etc. However, another major aspect of SSE is the overwhelming encouragement for every student in the program to become more involved in activities and committees at SSE. My classmates have put a lot of effort into creating this amazing blog in which almost all 4M students have participated. I’ve seen firsthand my classmates’ inspiring commitment to putting on a TEDx event at SSE this Wednesday. My dear 4Mers have even set us up with our own business cards! From these efforts, it is clear that the students of 4M really care about furthering the program as well as marketing as a discipline. As the representative for the marketing and media specialization on the Master’s Committee (which is comprised of one representative from each of the six specializations as well as a President and VP), I have been involved with SASSE– the Student Association at Stockholm School of Economics. Differing greatly from what I’ve experienced in my university in the US, the school is totally run by the students of SASSE. SASSE always has new projects (such as the party after the Nobel Prize ceremony and Project China), as well as the following committees:

Master’s students are encouraged to join a committee, and the first week will give you a broad understanding of all of the available options. To keep the whole school in the loop, SASSE creates an information booklet called ATT Bladet that comes out with different events and announcements for the week.

To take advantage of the wide range of options SASSE offers, I’ve been involved in a number of events- Eleni Miliou and I participated in the 100 year celebration of SSE at the beginning of last semester, which was a huge undertaking by SASSE. I joined about 60 both bachelor’s and master’s students last semester on a trip to Germany and a few weeks ago to Barcelona with the volleyball team (where SSE won the whole tournament)… it’s a blast! Sports groups practice at least once a week, and there’s a wide range of options available.

I’m also working as the head of marketing and communications for Intro Week 2010- the week dedicated to YOU!  There will be around 50 master’s students (a few from 4M) guiding you as you become acquainted with SSE. If you have any insights into what you’d like to see happen for YOUR Intro Week 2010, feel free to post it here!

Basically, there’s something for anyone who wants to get involved at SSE… so be prepared to pursue your interests! You can check out some student testimonials from additional specializations on the Handels website (yes, I’m backing SSE on there as well) for even more insight.

Can’t WAIT to see the awesomeness the new 4M students bring to SSE!!!!!

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