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4 Responses to Contact

  1. Corwin says:

    Fascinating reading. I am always very curious what “University” is like for students in other countries. Thanks for sharing!!

    Are most of you graduating next spring? Future plans? What is/was the program like? Did Lisa get any feedback from the school on her ‘why exams’ blog?


  2. Lisa Enckell says:

    Hi Corwin,

    Thank you for reading, we are all graduating in spring 2011. Regarding the future plans, I guess we all have different thoughts about it, but I think most of us want to work in an international envioronment. Personally, I really like the program so far. It is a great mix between more academic/theoretical courses and more practical ones. Almost every week we have interesting guest lectures, a part that I really appreciate. Some of the companies that have lectured for us are; IBM, Google, Spotify, Warner Brothers, ABB and different PR- and advertising agencies. Are you also a student?

    I actually mentioned it during a workshop we had this week, where both one of our teachers and our head of faculty were present. I know that some of our teachers share the same view on exams and I would be happy if some of them would like to comment on the posts.

  3. Nina says:

    Hej tillsammans!

    Great to see that you’re still having fun with your courses at Handels 🙂 I attended the “Business development and strategic marketing course” with all of you last term. Actually, I have to admit that this course really helps me with my Master thesis work now… I hope your current courses are at least as interesting as the previous ones!

    Cheers and hejdå,

  4. Lisa Enckell says:

    Hey! Yes we have, we have two interesting courses this semester, Media Management and Frontiers in Marketing. Nice that we can follow your progress with your thesis on your blog and great that you can use what we learned during the course last semester.

    Good luck with your thesis!

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