Mobile – 7 Reasons why it’s perfect for marketing (+1 more)

Building further on my thesis research, here are a few tidbits of why the mobile medium is so perfectly suited for marketing communications.

None of the points below should be new to anyone closely following the growth and development of mobile. Nonetheless, this list is just a simple reminder of why advertisers plan spend $13-14 billion in 2011 on mobile advertising, worldwide.

There are eight main reasons why the mobile medium is perfectly suited for marketing communications:

  1. The growing penetration levels: in 2013 it’s expected that the total number of smartphone subscribers will reach 1.28 billion (Morgan Stanley Report, 2009)
  2. It is possible to target an ad on the most precise level possible
  3. Marketing messages can be sent/received/processed anytime and anywhere
  4. Interactive communication and ‘calls to action’ are viable: campaign results, data and analytics can be gathered immediately and used to improve engagement)
  5. The mobile channel is capable of viral marketing: the mobile device lends itself to enlarging the reach of a campaign through viral effects
  6. The high response rate of correctly targeted campaigns: the response rate of mobile marketing campaigns was reported at 31%, while the same figure for permission-based email marketing is from 1% to 8%, and the response rate of printed advertising is reported to be 0.15% to 0.60%
  7. Mobile marketing campaigns are relatively low-cost and cost-effective

** Updated – 8. Mobile seamlessly integrates with the physical world: the mobile channel can greatly improve the effectiveness of cross-media marketing campaigns. Right now QR codes and augmented reality are examples, in the future we will see more RFID tagging and NFC.

” …the special features of the mobile channel can be listed as: mobility and reachability, direct marketing, interactivity and two-way communication, branding, viral-marketing, time, and personalization.” – Heikki Karjaluoto et al. (2007), Insights into the implementation of mobile marketing campaigns.

What this looks like in real life. This picture was taken a few weeks ago on the Stockholm subway. Swedes are pretty much captivated by their smartphones.


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3 Responses to Mobile – 7 Reasons why it’s perfect for marketing (+1 more)

  1. Jules says:

    Very true- mobile is an amazing channel for marketing… proven by the fact that I’m currently employed!
    Social is also so closely connected to mobile with 1 in 4 EU5 mobile users accessing social media through their mobile, 71% of EU5 social networking users accessing Facebook through mobile in Sept 2011, and more than 40% of users who access social media via mobile connecting with brands on these sites.
    Do you see any differences between SMS and banner advertising in terms of such positive results?
    Thoughts on how NFC might change this?

  2. Vanessa Meyer says:

    Hey Jules!

    Thanks for the comment. I think in the future we will see more cross-media campaigns designed for specific segments of one’s target audience – with social and mobile media playing a key roles. Companies will make better use of the data and analytics coming through every communication channel to design more relevant and compelling ‘call to action’ marketing campaigns for that segment, and NFC will undoubtedly be responsible for a significant rise in customer response to these campaigns.

    I, along with many people, feel QR codes are only a stepping stone to NFC. QR codes are only useful now because they help educate and train users for the future of ambient intelligence (internet of things) and NFC. When NFC reaches mainstream adoption we will begin to appreciate why mobile is so unique. Right now marketing campaigns only take advantage of the time and location sensitivity of mobile (if that), but with NFC marketers will be able to provide even more context to their messaging strategy – time, location, mood, physical surroundings, social environment, etc.

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