4M Recap

Hello all the soon to be SSE 4M Students!

We thought it would be best to use this forum to write a few words about our experience at SSE so far.

As you may know, our year was the first year of the new Master intake. As a result, there was anywhere between 150-180 new students that started last year. In that 150-180 there was about 80 or so non-swedish students. This has made for a wonderful mix of students and a really dynamic school environment.  I am not certain your intake will be as culturally diverse (as there are fewer spots open to new students) but you will surely get a diversity of minds.

As a Canadian student I did my share of soul searching before choosing to come to SSE.

Firstly, like yourself, I thought about the background of the professors. I looked into their research areas, their areas of expertise, and what they had accomplished. After having been here a year, I can tell you that the Marketing Profs are amazing! They are engaging and enthusiastic about what they do and as a student you always feel you’re being taught by someone who ACTUALLY knows what their talking about.

Secondly, I also researched the course load and the type of courses we would be taking. As a north american student I did expect a Master’s degree to be slightly more practical, but after a year of study I have to say I am not at all disappointed by the emphasis on theory. The reason being is that the assignments given to help you apply the theory are quite practical. Thus you’re encouraged to be analytical and conceptual while at the same time learning to bring the theory down to a realistic level.

The last thing I thought about was the student body and school life itself. As I said earlier, we were the first intake of the new program. Consequently there was definitely as sense of culture shock within the student body. Nothing bad or good, just a transition period. However, I am happy to say that those of us who started at SSE last year have been anxiously awaiting your arrival. We have definitely laid the seeds of a new SSE Master program culture and are looking forward to having some new blood to help us grow and solidify the identity and culture of the program.

Unpleasant surprises:

– Facilities are not stellar but should improve drastically with the new building. Building should be completed by Fall 2010 (I hope).

– Corporate funded education: I personally have always been a little skeptical of this aspect as I’m afraid I do not have ownership over my own education. However, I have not experienced any indication of this at SSE so far. Our professors, to a certain degree, have happily involved us in curriculum planning and course content, as well as regularly ask for our feedback.

Pleasant surprises:

– Fellow classmates: Not only can you be assured that your teachers are inspiring, but that your classmates are too. With group project after group project (at least 5 different groups since Aug 2009) I can honestly say that I have learnt so much from them. Whether it be a more effective way to use SPSS, how to master social media tools from a marketers perspective, or the application of concepts and theories I had never heard of before, every student brings something new and useful to the table. We have all had at least 3 years of university education-most of us having completed our degrees elsewhere-, majority of us have a few years of work experience, we are bright and ambitious students-proven by our admittance to SSE, and we genuinely want to learn- proven by our decision to continue our education instead of going to work after our Bachelor degree. This scenario guarantees a collaborative educational experience. Knowledge sharing is abundant in the 4M program, and if your desire to achieve is as high as those I have experience so far, you are sure to find fellow students who will support, guide, mentor, and help you achieve your goals (sounds corny but its true!).

– CEMS: For those of you who speak three languages (even those who speak two) the CEMS program is a wonderful addition to the usual program. You get to meet students from around the world, study abroad, pursue an internship and complete an international business project.  Although I was only admitted to the program a few months ago I have already attended: a “Project Management” skill seminar with Vestas, a ” Innovation Management” seminar with Shell, “Social Media Technology Innovation” conference with Nokia and many others. It’s an excellent program for the internationally-minded!

All in all, I am very satisfied with my education. SSE 4M may not be the best choice for everyone, but if you’re enthusiastic, extraverted (you better know how to speak up because we never shut-up), thoughtful and fun (4M students are always the first to dance and last to leave the party), then you’ve found your program.

Please write us if you have any questions!

SEE YOU in the fall!

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2 Responses to 4M Recap

  1. Pawan says:

    Very interesting. I will keep this in mind when I apply in a year or two 🙂

  2. Romain says:

    Hej Vanessa!

    Thank you for your note… Thats a big help! I have received my admission offer… and I happen to have a few more questions for you.

    Before choosing the SSE, what were your other european or Canadian choices? Why did you pick the SSE at the end compared to those other schools?

    What is the weekly schedule at the SSE? Since a semester is 30 credits ECTS. Can you just think «canadian credits» and divide everything by two…?

    Do you ever feel that because you are not paying yourself…. the service provided by the school is not as good? or that the school lacks money (you mentioned bad facilities)….

    How hard is the admission process for the CEMS?
    and under which criteria are the study abroad destinations affected?

    And one last question, are you thinking of working in Europe or going back to Canada?

    Tack! Good luck with your upcoming finals!

    Cheers from Montreal!

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