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‘Facebook effect’ on grades?

Today one of the bloggers on Mashable, Jolie O’Dell wrote an interesting post and started an interesting discussion regarding students’ usage of social media and the impact on grades. She asks whether we students perceive our activities on social media to have … Continue reading

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Improve the CV by making it interactive

Have you also questioned why we still are supposed to send in letters (even if they are digital) to our potential future employers? Letters were invented thousands of years ago when that was the only way of communicating with two … Continue reading

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Starbucks first company to offer nationwide discount on Foursquare

Geomarketing or social location has been around for a while. Companies use applications such as Foursquare or Gowalla to let consumers/customers/people check in and let their network know where they are. Many have been talking about geomarketing for a while … Continue reading

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