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A positive person who loves to take photos and listen to music while walking, exercise at the gym, meet friends, party, watch movies, listen to music and play games. Studying Business Administration at SSE focusing on the insanely interesting subject of marketing and working with promotion as a part time job.

Experiencing the Middle Kingdom

After a great idea by some of my classmates to have an international theme week I decided to sit down and hammer down a short description of my experiences so far. Not only because I want to make other fellow … Continue reading

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iAd – Mobile Advertising Taken Further?

We live in a world littered with advertising. I have long felt that the current technology can be used better to provide an advertising experience that is literarily welcomed by the user. Seemingly few alternatives seems to exist that can perform this task well, especially in the mobile world. However, it seems that finally we may start to take some real steps towards this goal in the mobile realm due to iAd. Continue reading

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A Year I’ll Never Forget

My first year at the 4M program has been one of so many different experiences and learning opportunities that I cannot possibly cover them all without writing a book. However, I will talk about three things that I think the new “4M:ers” should be aware of:
1. You will learn and develop a lot
2. You will meet new friends
3. You will work hard Continue reading

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What is the Goal of Teaching and Learning?

As a sidetrack to Lisa’s attack on the classical exam, I would like to bring up another potential problem. In school we have a tendency to over-focus on skills relating to “rationality”. These are indeed very useful skills that everyone … Continue reading

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Light of hope through clouds of dismay

The future of marketing is often said to be a grim and cold one. That one should not study marketing due to the low chance of landing a decent job (or potential loss of one’s poor soul). However, in the … Continue reading

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