The SIME Experience Part 1


After having spent two awesome days @ SIME with some of the world’s most creative minds within online media and business development, I thought I would share some of the contents that was presented. It will be a selective process and come in different parts, beginning with an appetizer in part 1.

Intro SIME: Storytelling and brands, how do social phenomena’s connect?

Facebook is defining the social graph and atmosphere being the world’s fastest growing online social platform. Apple is the social spheres universal hard currency. Google wants to create a ubiquitous media realm, involving creation of features and software for us to drive traffic to our sites and diminishing cultural aspects such as language barriers. Microsoft – makes us move and actively communicate by providing platforms of interaction. Many are the visionary companies that compete for the next big thing, buzzing their networks with elements like augmented reality – moving digital contents across boundaries and implementing them to real life, cloud computing – sharing development across user interfaces and distance to allow for low cost content.

As connectedness is increasingly becoming integrated with our behavior and our tools e.g. cars are more computers than vehicles these days, what does the future hold?

Lee Sheldon’s Grading Procedure might show signs of future education strategy and grading, something previously debated on SSE4M’s blog. For entrepreneurs and start-ups corporations will be the new venture capitalists as the shift of power switches from institutions to the consumer and, thus, to the conglomerates with the largest customer bases.

A new media landscape is already a fact in where the lines between marketing and journalism is becoming more blurry and where the visitor and consumer is becoming empowered to drive traffic to sites and not the other way around. Criteo – is a cool company that has built this into their business model by turning web site visitors into customer networkers based on personalized retargeting banners directing traffic from and to users websites.

We also see a new bread of companies being born in where social and behavioral content is mixed and creates new business opportunities/models, one being the irrational affinity marketing agreement between Chat-roulette and Hustler, redirecting people showing genitals to their website, click-rate funded =)

Social media clubs are being implemented by conventional production companies such as ScaniaScania-kings-club media site- providing for truckers a communication center on the web and along the roads.

Shopping experiences are taken one step further than regular online retail. offers platforms and systems for designer brands to sell their collections off and on season to rebated prices in customer created networks.

One could note signs of hyper growth online and this also means a more complicated and fragmented landscape for developers and business to interpret and use… and yet the journey has only begun!

Don’t forget to connect to #sime10 – Hashtag for SIME on Twitter, spread your ideas on screens over sthlm, and ask questions for future speakers and the crew! Write a digital, “cloud computed” book by emailing social media fragmented thoughts to – and use the new smartphone media apps at to enjoy digital matchmaking with people of similar interests.

See what the companies has to say for themselves in part 2…


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