Theme: Music & Marketing

In the above video, New York Times tech columnist David Pogue sings about the history of music and television on the Internet. The medley from 2007 focuses on two competing methods of acquiring mp3s in the post-CD-era: illegal downloads and the iTunes Music Store. Since then, streaming services have entered the music distribution battle. In addition, the Internet plays an important role in how we find out about new music – another aspect of marketing music.

The other side of bringing music and marketing together is using music in marketing and branding. Examples of this include sponsoring artist or bands and using music in retail environments and marketing communications.

This week, the SSE 4M blog will focus on Music & Marketing. Stay tuned to find out what my classmates have to say about the above questions and other issues related to marketing music and using music in marketing!


About Riikka

Student in the Marketing and Media Management program at SSE. Some of the things I like are: baking cakes and drinking tea, research, working with people who love what they are doing. One of the admins for this blog.
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