Facebook Places

If true and if successful. This can be huge. This can change a lot. According to Mashable, Facebook is launching Facebook Places in their I-phone-app. The application show local deals on places near you. There are different kinds of deals, individual, for friends, for loyals and for charity. Like Foursquare, Places will allow you check-in in different locations, and when you do you will see in which places you can find a deal.

If true and if successful the CRM (customer relationship management) of companies will radically change. This could be the end of the ‘plastic card’-era. An era when we’ve had a plastic card for every single store or chain. Additionally, it will most likely be able to customize deals depending on your preferences, age, sex etc. just like the facebooks ads are customized. This is Christmas for CRM-managers.

Add a little bit of NFC-technology and we can pay with the phone too and literally all plastic cards will disappear. That would be Christmas for consumers. And probably the telecommunication companies and phone sellers too.

I am excited to follow what will happen with Facebook Places. It’s less than two months until Christmas.


About Lisa Enckell

VP Marketing at Wrapp. Swede trying to adjust to all the sunshine and fog in San Francisco. And the great cocktails.
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4 Responses to Facebook Places

  1. Rich Burns says:

    Nice post Lisa 🙂

    I think some countries like Japan you can already pay for a few things with you phone right? I reckon what would be really interesting is to have shops that you select as ‘fourites’ on your list sending you text deals when you are in their general vicintiy! Just linking up the shops location and the GPS on your smartphone.


  2. Lisa Enckell says:

    Hey Rich,

    Thank you. Yes, that is true. The NFC technology is quite developed in Japan, as far as I know. Sounds like an interesting idea, but maybe the Facebook Places will have the same purpose, but you need to click on “check-in” in order to see the deals. I think it is a very interesting development indeed, that most likely will affect the way retail business perform their marketing communication activities.

  3. Vanessa says:


    You might both be interested in watching this presentation by FB about Facebook places and the apps that will be launching based on the “places” API. I am particularly looking forward to the Groupon app. Apparently FB decided to partner with Groupon rather than challenge their dominance.


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