Improve the CV by making it interactive

Have you also questioned why we still are supposed to send in letters (even if they are digital) to our potential future employers? Letters were invented thousands of years ago when that was the only way of communicating with two people in different locations. The world has changed. But not the recruitment processes, or? Following Vanessa Meyer’s post about social job hunt I’ll provide some links and thoughts regarding our CV and motivation letter.

Today a lot of us have information about ourselves online that we would like to share with recruiters, for example blogs, presentations or our activities in social networks. Instead of writing all links in a regular PDF, you can make your CV more interactive by using an online service, like

I have tried Visual CV and I like it.

  • I like that it is for free (although they give you the suggestion of up grading your account quite often)
  • I like that it is easy and rather quick to fill in all information
  • I like that it is easy to share with others and that it looks pretty good
  • I like that you easily can upload documents, presentations and pictures to it (transcripts, letter of recommendation, thesis and other relevant documents can be all in the same place. It makes it easy for the person who is reviewing you CV and it makes it easy for you, having all the documents in one place)
  • I like that you can constantly change and make up dates and be sure that your potential future employer always has the latest version of your CV
  • I dislike that you cannot customize your CV depending on the job you are seeking with the free version of visual CV
  • If you are willing to pay, you can create additional CV’s and you will also get the possibility to see how many times your CV page has been visited

When it comes to motivation letters, making a video could be a good idea. But it could also be a bad idea, if it’s done in a poor way.

How about LinkedIn?

In my view, LinkedIn is a perfect display window. When you google a name, the link to LinkedIn is usually on the first page. And since people, especially potential employers, most likely will google you – it’s a good idea to have an updated and informative LinkedIn profile. But, since everyone can access your LinkedIn-page you might be reluctant to put all your information there. A visual CV could then be a good complement, a page that only people you send a certain link to have access to. A visual CV should not replace LinkedIn, it is simply your traditional CV presented in a more interactive way that will enhance your online presence.

Lastly, a CV is not your life. It is something that reflects what you have done in your life, and in the end it is what you do that matters, not how the CV is made. On the other hand, the way you present yourself in a CV reflects who you are.


About Lisa Enckell

VP Marketing at Wrapp. Swede trying to adjust to all the sunshine and fog in San Francisco. And the great cocktails.
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