Shoes of Prey

Hello followers from around the globe,

The DIY trend hit the shoe-biz! Of course, you’re not supposed to become yourself’s little Schuhmacher, but you can feel like Blahnik for a day. The Sydney-based start-up ‘Shoes of Prey’ allows you to design your own shoes, they manufacture them for you and you wear them! It sounds to me like every woman’s dream.. Entrepreneurs+internet=wonders.

Over and out from down under.

About Eleni Miliou

Born in Greece, bachelor-studied in Germany and master-studying in Sweden. Young business enthusiast with a soft spot for all things marketing, music and traveling. Busy with administering this very blog, socializing in Stockholm, organizing CEMS events and enjoying student life. Currently in action in Sydney, down under!
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3 Responses to Shoes of Prey

  1. sagemag says:

    Now if only they could custom fit them.

  2. Nancy Meyers says:

    Am LOVING this DIY trend. Did you also see It’s my new addiction. Love, love, love!

  3. Eleni Miliou says:

    @sagemag: who says women don’t like trying on shoes? 🙂
    @Nancy: wow. Didn’t know that one.. Thanks! I will certainly be designing some soon..

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