Blow up school kids, get some buzz

Environmentalist group 10:10 wants you to decrease your carbon dioxide emissions (or whatever, one of those bad gases anyway) with ten percent. Coolio. To spread the word, they made a three minute long clip where they make köttfärssås out of non-believers by blowing them up. The most controversial part of the clip is in the beginning. A school teacher talks about 10:10 and then asks the class if they want to join the cause. Two of the students say no, where upon the teacher pushes a button that splatters them all over the classroom and their friends. Have a look!

Wow… The explosions and the tone of the whole thing look very Monty Python-esque and has some good ol’ shock value to it, and I am not Mr Parent-Teacher Association running around being upset about kids turning into ceiling paint in a commercial. However, cheap tactics like this annoys me. It’s like “I bet they’ll write about this!” And they do, 10:10 scores a 10 for awareness seeking efforts. But according to me, good, or even basic, advertising should not be about hunting buzz and embedded clips on blogs at any cost. Here is a gut feeling insight: people feel uneasy when environmental NGO’s advertise, because it is always about changing something you do. It’s like when your girlfriend “wants to talk”. If your girlfriend talked like this, what would you say? 10:10 really missed the mark.

Now they have deleted the clip from their webpage and repented on Facebook. But to be honest, I don’t really believe them. There is no way that they didn’t see the massive protests coming. They were in it for the buzz, and they got some. Epic Pyrrhic win!

/Fredric Axelsson, who has had several talks with girlfriends

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