I hate my boss! an experiment

I hate my boss! “I hate my boss”? People who know me might be surprised by that headline. Since I am still at school, I don’t even have a boss. If I were working, I don’t think I would hate my boss, at all. I am not a hateful person. So what’s the deal? Why would I say that I hate my boss?

None of the blog posts written by me have been able to reach more than 62 readers. That was also my first one, titled “All PR is good PR?”. Since then, my posts have reached a fairly mediocre number of clicks. At the same time, fellow editor Lisa Enckell holds the record for number of readers at 605 for her post “Why do we have exams?” which discusses the pros and cons of traditional sit down exams. Everyday, people are directed from Google to her post.

So when Anton Johansson at Twingly held a seminar at school earlier this week on how to get more hits on Google, I realized what I have been doing wrong: I have not been Search Engine Optimal. For example, I had previously often chosen a pop cultural reference as the headline, as in my post about my hometown Boden (“She was a young Bodenian”) or for example the campaign for the National Defence made by DDB (“Service guarantees citizenship”). These headlines were not very googlable.

That was one of the main points made by Anton. In order to be optimal, the search term you want people to look for in order to find you, in this case “I hate my boss” (felt like a commonly used search term, which is why I chose it) needs to be the headline of the post. That is why I called this post “I hate my boss”. Then, he said, the search term should be mentioned a couple of times in the first paragraphs. As you can see, I wrote “I hate my boss” quite some times in that paragraph. The post should also have the search term at the end. When you get to the end of this post, I promise you that you will see “I hate my boss”. Don’t jump to the end quite yet though! I have some more stuff to say before the final “I hate my boss” is written.

For everyone who got here thinking that they were going to read about someone hating their boss, I am sorry. When it comes to hating my boss, I am lying. This is just an experiment to see if I can boost my readership somehow by simply stating that I hate my boss. I would also like to say that this is not what SEO is about. SEO when done right can be a great tool for companies to reach out through all the Google clutter, and I am using it in a rather ugly way to shamelessly promote myself.

The I hate my boss experiment is on! Go “I hate my boss!”, go!

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2 Responses to I hate my boss! an experiment

  1. Anton Israelsson says:

    Haha. Caught my attention at least! (‘though I have to say I got an exam tomorrow I am doing everything but studying at the moment).

    I reckon it’ll work. Next time, try with some pornographic content as well!

  2. fredricaxelsson says:

    Hey, it’s number 54 out of 13 100 000 on Google, it could be worse, but also a lot better. I hate my boss is a tough gig!

    Anton: I think I am going to stay away from the smut, my fellow editors might not be too pleased if I did. Plus, think of the competition! I would have to become an SEO expert to even get on page 3000. Way harder than I hate my boss.

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