International Week: Russia revealed


This post will be about my personal impressions from life and studies in St Petersburg, Russia. Although not even two hours away from Stockholm by airplane, I must say it’s culturally quite a journey.

Russia is a country of contrasts. Extreme wealth and extreme poverty; old majestic buildings side by side with Soviet constructions; incredibly hospitable people and store clerks without a remote concern for “customer satisfaction”. I had to make some adjustments to the life here, but must admit that for the most part I’m having a great time. Because what does it matter that you live four people in a two-room apartment when you can visit the Hermitage, Peterhof or go clubbing beyond the break of dawn? Things can move slowly, but since the grocery stores are open 24/7 you’ll survive.

From a marketer’s point of view, Russia offers opportunities both for up-scale offerings and more base of the pyramid-styled approaches. What is important is to have a clear understanding of which part of the population you’re aiming for and realize where in this huge, multi-timezone country they are. Personally, my favourite product so far is the Yota stick, which offers me fast wireless broadband all over town. Just like with my pre-paid card for the phone, I recharge my account every month at one of the prolific machines designed for this.

As the semester continues, I hope to get back to you with some lessons from my studies and further life in this upside-down world.

До свидания!



About Marcus

Jag har nyligen börjat nära en besatthet av triathlon. Utöver det älskar jag prylar och att se nya platser. Min blogg kommer att vara en egocentrisk frossa i min träning med inslag av tankar kring utrustning och upplevelser runt omkring.
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