International Week: Madrid Calling!

During our first year in the 4M program, we all took the same marketing courses. This year we’re all doing different things: taking elective courses, writing a Master’s thesis, studying abroad. SSE 4M International week kicked off with Pierre’s post on his experiences in China. Next up is Camilla Minnhagen who tells us about her time in Madrid, Spain, where she is doing an exchange semester at Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid (ICADE).

Officially I chose to study in Madrid in order to practice Spanish, but let’s face it who wouldn’t want to spend a semester here?! The weather, the food, the people…I really like the general lifestyle (cosmopolitan yet laid-back), the hustle and bustle of the city and how the Madrileños are ALWAYS out and about. Coincidently this is also the worst part of studying/living/doing anything in Madrid; I was expecting the mañana mañana mentality yet I have a completely new understanding of the concept. Totally different compared to Sweden where everything is organized and planned well in advance. It definitely puts the cultural aspects of international business into perspective.

Moving on to more specific marketing related comments. Outdoor events and sponsorships seem to be quite common in Madrid, probably because people spend so much time strolling the streets. My personal favorite has been Swister – a giant game of Twister sponsored by Swatch which took place during the culture festival “La noche en Blanco”. Unfortunately, the line was very long and I did not have time to participate. Clearly, I would have won.

I have also come across some interesting stores/products. For instance, there is a chain of shops that specializes in Swedish candy (lösgodis). The price is 1.80 EUR/100g or about double the average Swedish price. Their website is under construction: Incredibly strange name that is impossible to pronounce in any language. I think it might be the sound you make when eating that delicious Swedish candy.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a great semester!


About Riikka

Student in the Marketing and Media Management program at SSE. Some of the things I like are: baking cakes and drinking tea, research, working with people who love what they are doing. One of the admins for this blog.
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