Look at Looklet.


Remember me? Long time, no see.. but I’m back to report from down under! I discovered this site yesterday on a greek blog, only to realize that the promising startup is based on the familiar Åsögatan in Södermalm! Looklet.com is a new way for fashion-lovers, stylists and -why not, let’s face it- other online gamers to create their own styles with real models and real clothes from the latest designer collections.

The community is growing and with a second look you’ll notice numerous signs of social networking on the platform. Apart from fun, can this be the next big thing (for girls and not)? And, of course, honoring my marketing background, I have to wonder: will they be able to ditch the “Google Ads” on the right side and become profitable? Or are we looking at the next big bubble?

Cheers, mates!

See you soon, E.


About Eleni Miliou

Born in Greece, bachelor-studied in Germany and master-studying in Sweden. Young business enthusiast with a soft spot for all things marketing, music and traveling. Busy with administering this very blog, socializing in Stockholm, organizing CEMS events and enjoying student life. Currently in action in Sydney, down under!
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