Val 2010: a few comments

In about a month, around 80 percent of the Swedes over 18 years of age will vote in the upcoming general election. That is, of course, if the parties have not made everyone sick of the election by that point. Political campaigning seems to be like christmas, it starts earlier and earlier every time. Without being too political about it, here is a few things I have noticed.

1. While our political system differs from the Anglosaxon in that we in Sweden focus much more on the party we are voting for than on individuals, I am still surprised that I have not seen more candidates trying to grab a piece for themselves. With all the social media outlets of today, I expected at least a couple of people trying to do something more than a blog and a twitter account. Maybe we will see more of that closer to election day.

2. The old Swedish tradition of right wingers trying to make pop music and failing miserably is still going strong. For all you who do not speak Swedish, the lyrical talents of Moderaterna and their youth organization MUF might not be fully appreciated, but believe me when I say that it is funny.

3. While people from the left often ridicule Moderaterna for branding themselves as “the new worker’s party” four years ago, there is no denying that it worked. This year, they have gone even further by billing themselves as “the only worker’s party”. Socialdemokraterna, the main party in the opposition and historically the worker’s party, tries to defend their brand territory by focusing on creating jobs for young people. Below is a spot they made. It is nice and all, but somehow I am not so sure about the message. I know what they are going for and maybe I am out of line, but don’t you feel that the guy at the fireman station would have been able to tag along if he had made an effort to put on his clothes faster? And maybe the guy in the end would have walked faster to the elevator if he had remembered to bring shoes? The kids look so… I don’t know… lazy.

As we get closer to the election, maybe we can convince Carolina to repeat her post on how Google Trends can predict how people are going to vote. Until then, be safe.

/Fredric Axelsson, still undecided

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One Response to Val 2010: a few comments

  1. Appelq says:

    We´ll see if I dare to forecast this election. It will be a tough one!

    It is interesting to see what influence social media will have this year, both spreading positive and negative messages. Have you for instance seen the alternative advertising for Miljöpartiet?

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