From a PR-perspective

It is summer and school will not start until another month. Most of us in the class are working as summer interns for different companies or organizations, some are travelling others are taking a summer course. I am one of those who are working for some weeks. For quite some time I have been working extra at the PR agency Grayling and this is where I spend most of my summer this year.

When I started to work extra in beginning of 2007 it was very much about quantitive measurements, how many news clips? How much PR value? Today that is still important, but I can clearly see a movement towards impact, many companies have realized that communication is more than the number of clips. It might not be as important to get your story published in as many media as possible, more importantly is that what you do achieves an impact. I can only imagine that discussions during meetings where very different some years ago. Today when we are discussing how to reach the objectives for a creative campaign we never mention the word press release. Instead it is about engagement, involvement and all those buzz words surrounding the social media sphere. However, in the fast pace of news items flying by in the flow I sometimes wonder how much impact a specific campaign can have, no matter number of like-clicks, re-tweets or fans.

It is clear that so much more is required today to get publicity, some people might take this too far though. Good contacts with journalists is not enough, you simply must have a good story.

So why PR? Well, there are plenty of examples when companies fail due to poor communication. And for me, as a student in the beginning of my career, it is great to learn the tools and the mindset of PR. Looking back, technology has had a major position in many businesses. Technology is still very important for many companies, but more and more companies have accessed to great technology and as we know, diversification might rather come from branding or communication. No matter what, we can conclude that media plays an important role in today’s society and that many business executives would benefit from knowing the basic ABC’s of PR and communication. Internal communication affects the attitude and culture among the employees, financial communication (investor relations) can affect your stock price, market communication affects the sales and public affairs your legal and political environment. I would recommend anyone who is pursuing a business career to learn the basics within PR and communication, it is simply too strategically important not to.


About Lisa Enckell

VP Marketing at Wrapp. Swede trying to adjust to all the sunshine and fog in San Francisco. And the great cocktails.
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3 Responses to From a PR-perspective

  1. Interesting article Lisa. I totally agree that PR and the knowledge about communication-relations is essential for today’s businesse’s success.
    In the beginning you talk about how the PR landscape has changed. I am curious, how do you measure your PR sucess today? In what figures can “impact” be expressed?

  2. Markus Welin says:

    Thank you for the link Lisa! Liked your text. It’s interesting, and also exciting, that so much has changed in the past few years. How engagement and involvement get more and more important as social media continues to grow.

  3. Lisa Enckell says:

    Thanks for your comments. I would say that we are still using quantitative measurements very much. Number of readers, type of media, number of clips etc. But the largest different is that there is a bigger understanding among clients that branding as such is important. Also the content and the quality of the coverage is important.

    Impact could be measured by investigating people’s opinion in different issues, direct impact can be translated to sales or people’s action.

    My personal opinion is that measurement still is important and that it should remain so. Companies must know what they get for investing x amount of money on PR. But it should not be the only assessment when evaluating the success of a PR campaign, and it is here I can spot a change in attitude among companies, that more and more people understand that number of readers aren’t the only aspect that is important.

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