Well played, BP

The BP oil leak “scandal” for a lack of a better word has not been all bad, some of you might have gotten enormous amounts of joy from the fake twitter account BP Global PR. However, the real people at BP have a sense of humor too, albeit unintentional, and they have created a nice minigame where you take the role of a gas station attendant serving customers. It is called BP Gas Mania, click here if you want to check it out and waste a few minutes of your summer. Now, I do not know if the game was created before or after the disaster, but it does not really matter to me. Listen to the nice tune, it will be accompanied by children in the later levels, and serve those customers! While playing, please ponder over the role of these cute minigames when it comes to enhancing the profile of a company. I am too busy playing Gas Mania to write something on the topic anyway.


Have fun playing!

Fredric Axelsson, small person

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