Remarkable Media Management Alumni

Tomorrow it’s party time!

At the Media Management Alumni party on Thursday, current and old MM students will come together to have fun and mingle. A lot of interesting people from top positions in the industry will show up, so why not use this wonderful blog to take a sneak peek at who’s going to be there? In view of the upcoming party, I asked Christopher (via Erik of course) to suggest some interesting alumni who will attend so I can Google them and give you some information. This is what I found:

  • First on the list is Johan Lilja of Webguide Partner. WGP is a world-leading interactive strategy and communications company that assists business leaders in the lead generation industry. It helps clients with traffic acquisition to their websites through SEO, Pay-Per-Click marketing, and syndicated content with high-traffic sites. Take a look at their webpage and click on ‘Gallery’; the most “Googley” office I’ve seen in Sweden 😉

  • Frida Hyséus is Manager for ABSOLUT ICEBAR. Absolut Icebars are a successful franchise concept of ABSOLUT and ICEHOTEL and the bars themselves can usually be found adjacent to another hotel or restaurant. Below you find a picture of the ABSOLUT ICEBAR here in Stockholm.

  • Johan Greiff works with digital books at Elib, Scandinavia’s leading producer and distributor of downloadable and streaming audiobooks and e-books. Thus, he is the guy to ask about WHAT will happen with the iPad?!
  • Navid Rostam is probably one of the few examples of MM alumni who went into Investment Banking(!) He is currently working for Handelsbanken, but has worked in the past for Lehman Brothers and Newsec. It would be interesting to find out how (or even if he) uses his MM knowledge within the Banking sector..

So that being said, I’ll see tomorrow for champagne and our first MM party!


About Eleni Miliou

Born in Greece, bachelor-studied in Germany and master-studying in Sweden. Young business enthusiast with a soft spot for all things marketing, music and traveling. Busy with administering this very blog, socializing in Stockholm, organizing CEMS events and enjoying student life. Currently in action in Sydney, down under!
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