Will you join us next fall?

Have you been admitted to the MSc program with specialization in Marketing and Media Management? Congratulations!

To welcome the new generation of 4M students, we – the current Marketing and Media Management students at SSE – are hosting a theme week in this blog. During the coming week we will be blogging about our experiences during the year that has passed. This will hopefully serve as a sneak peek to what you will be doing next year! So stay tuned…

In addition to keeping an eye on this blog, you might also want to join this Facebook group, a meeting place for newly admitted MSc students.

If you have any questions about studying marketing at SSE, just post them in the comments. We will do our best to answer.

Edit: Here are links for the blog posts published during the theme week:


About Riikka

Student in the Marketing and Media Management program at SSE. Some of the things I like are: baking cakes and drinking tea, research, working with people who love what they are doing. One of the admins for this blog.
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