A Year I’ll Never Forget

Greetings and welcome all new 4M students!

My first year at the 4M program has been one of so many different experiences and learning opportunities that I cannot possibly cover them all without writing a book. However, I will talk about three things that I think the new “4M:ers” should be aware of:

1. You will learn and develop a lot!

You will learn how to manage brands, how to plan strategic marketing communication, how sales control systems are supposed to work, how to handle purchasing, at least five different ways to view markets, how to change the strategy of a business and many many other things. However, you will also learn from your fellow students that come from all over the world and are eager to participate in the program as well as in activities outside the school. Simply put: If you manage to go through one year in the 4M program and still do not learn a single thing… you probably accidentally went to the wrong program and in some odd scary way never realized it (hint to find the 4M crowd: we hang out a lot, standing in odd almost sect-like circles… if you do not see that, you might be at the wrong program).

2. You will meet new friends!

The students of 4M are a social bunch. Very social in fact. Actually, they are so social that if you enter the 4M as an angry, self-centered introvert you are likely to be converted into a new more social person. Ok… maybe that is taking it a bit far. But the point is… because of the incredibly diversity of interests, personalities and cultures in the 4M program you are more or less bound to meet at least one new friend. I can also recommend you to get to know the great people in the other programs outside the 4M as well.

3. You will work hard! Sometimes very hard!

If you search on marketing on Google you may find a lot of stuff… If you first manage to ignore the people who think advertising = marketing (sigh…when will they learn…) you will come across a lot of posts talking about how marketing is easy, how it is a slacker’s subject… Well, I can only speak of my experiences in the 4M program… but it is NOT a slacker’s program and marketing is an incredibly broad and complex subject. The point is… if you want to truly succeed and participate in all the school and non-school activities you WILL work HARD! The good news: You will often want to because you are having so much fun :).

With these three shared experiences I welcome YOU, the second class of the fantastic 4M and I hope that you will have the same experience as I think all of the 4M has had. Also, I hope that you take up our work on this blog and take it to the next level. In fact, I hope you take all of the 4M program and marketing to the next level!

Yours Sincerely

Pierre Jarméus


About Pierrefect

A positive person who loves to take photos and listen to music while walking, exercise at the gym, meet friends, party, watch movies, listen to music and play games. Studying Business Administration at SSE focusing on the insanely interesting subject of marketing and working with promotion as a part time job.
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