Interview with M2

As you may know, TEDxSSE4m isn’t the only cool event taking place at SSE in April. In fact, we are organizing our TEDx event during the M2 days. I met with two members of the project group to find out more about M2:2010. Elisabet Ålander is one of the two project managers and Mathilda Eriksson the responsible for the M2 magazine. They’ve been working with the project since October.

What is M2?

– M2 is a career fair with a focus on media and marketing. It’s filled with lectures, a panel debate, seminars, cases, workshops, and of course the career fair.

This is the fourth year M2 is being organized. What is new or different this year?

– Previous years, the fair has been quite narrow, in a niche. We wanted to make it more open, show the SSE students that the marketing and media sector isn’t that narrow. You can actually go to a real company – not a PR or marketing company – and work with marketing. That was our vision.

Elisabet and Mathilda tell me that working with M2 has been rewarding. M2 is very different from the usual SSE projects that tend to focus on banking and consulting. The project group has had considerable freedom in planning the event as M2 doesn’t have many strict rules. They say that the event is different every year – partly because the marketing and media field is constantly changing.

When it comes to the details of the program, the M2 representatives refuse to make any revelations. The only speaker that has been revealed this far is Blondinbella, or Isabella Löwengrip, one of the most famous young bloggers in Sweden.

– That is the only thing we can reveal actually… But it’s gonna be a great week!

Despite the secrecy around M2, I do have some good news for the 4M students. I am told that many companies have expressed an interest in meeting the students in the new Master’s program. So keep an eye on the the M2 website – the program will be released in a couple of weeks!

Is there anything you would like to say to the Marketing and Media Management students, Elisabet and Mathilda?

– We would like to welcome you to the M2 fair – and to the student association! We think you’re a great resource and would like to hang with you more.


About Riikka

Student in the Marketing and Media Management program at SSE. Some of the things I like are: baking cakes and drinking tea, research, working with people who love what they are doing. One of the admins for this blog.
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