Degree from Stockholm School of Economics gives you the highest salary

Today the Swedish Metro reports that a degree in Business and Administration at Stockholm School of Economics gives students the highest initial payment of all higher educations in Sweden. A graduated student from SSE has on average 30.000 SEK in initial payment while student from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) with a degree in Industrial Economics has on average 27.000 SEK in initial payment.

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The report (conducted by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise) also show that students with international experience (from studying abroad) earn on average 807 SEK more per month than their fellow students without experience from studying abroad.

Read the full article here (in Swedish only).


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4 Responses to Degree from Stockholm School of Economics gives you the highest salary

  1. Eleni Miliou says:

    Is this for Bachelors or Masters?

  2. Lisa Enckell says:

    In between i guess. We are the first group of Master students and since we are still in school, it cannot be us they refer to 😉

    Before they changed the structure it was a four year program leading to a “Civilekonomexamen”, I guess (maybe someone else knows for sure?) that the students in this report have participated in the old four year program, i.e. a mix between bachelor and masters.

  3. Eleni Miliou says:

    Yes, I figured it would be the old degree. Still we have to see how it turns out for us Masters, since it’s a new system. Maybe a MSc. degree is valued higher than Civilekonomexamen.. 😉

  4. pierrefect says:

    Interesting post (I really gotta write another one myself soon ^^).

    Looking at 3 and 4 year degrees it seems it does pay to study an extra year. However, it does not always pay enough to make it worth it (from a STRICT salary perspective). Nonetheless, it should indicate that one might get a higher salary due to taking a longer education. However, we also have the problem of more and more taking longer degrees.

    The only sad thing with the article is that it doesn’t mention specializations. For example, I have a feeling that finance (due to internal SSE statistics) is toping the charts. On the other hand, it seems the salaries for jobs marketers normally do have been steadily, rising judging from the placement reports the last 4 years. 🙂

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