Brothers in Paint

Changes in consumer behavior and technology have implications for marketing and market research. We saw a glimpse of this as we were running around on Second Life, analyzing the strategic situation of various virtual entrepreneurs. Another evolving tool is videography, or video ethnography, that for example has the benefit of including the visual aspects of contemporary culture.

Some researchers from my alma mater, the Aalto University School of Economics (previously known as Helsinki School of Economics) have been experimenting with videography. Joonas Rokka and Joel Hietanen together with Kristine de Valck (from HEC Paris) have explored the paintball subculture. What is great, the resulting video, titled Brothers in Paint, is now on Youtube.

Here’s the first part of the videography, rest of it – and some interesting background – can be found in the researchers’ blog:


About Riikka

Student in the Marketing and Media Management program at SSE. Some of the things I like are: baking cakes and drinking tea, research, working with people who love what they are doing. One of the admins for this blog.
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