Social Media ROI-Case studies

On Wednesday, February 17th, 2010, Compete announced that Facebook surged passed Yahoo! as the number two most popular website in the U.S. (nearly 134 Million Unique Visitors in January 2010).

So, clearly social media has value, but how to prove it?
Check this out: Twist Image

Tod Maffin is widely respected entrepreneur, radio guy (and Podcaster) who is always highly engaged in the Digital Marketing spheres (he’s also an author and speaker). He just launched his latest project, Case Studies Online – Proven Social Media Tactics For Assured ROI, and it’s pretty amazing. The database currently stores almost 300 Social Media – Digital Marketing case studies that can be searched and viewed by demographics, specific industries, types of organizations, regions and even specific tactics. So, you can look for Social Media case studies that involved moms for the automotive industry using a Facebook Fan Page, and voila! Pushing it further, you can even refine that search criteria more.

Case Studies Online

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2 Responses to Social Media ROI-Case studies

  1. vameyer says:


    On case studies online, there is a post about Chicago Tribune. Some of you may find this interesting.

  2. enckelli says:

    Interesting! All executives and others are (of course) very interested in the ROI of social media and it is great to get access to different tools that helps us doing it. But a relevant question to raise is can we actually measure ROI on social media (well yes apparently we do have the tools) but do we WANT to measure it?

    Do you measure the ROI of email, telephone, lunches, network events and industry conferences?

    I think that ROI should be measured, but not always. If there is a clear marketing campaign, then yes of course the impact of social media should be measured just like a campaign on TV or paper.

    But if social media is used in the innovation process, as a networking tool or as a tool for internal communication, should we necessary focus on the ROI in those cases?

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