On the Future of Social Media

The last years have been characterised by a rapid increase in the use of social media in general and social network sites in particular to disclose previously highly personal contents to an increasingly wider circle of people. Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, MySpace, Bilddagboken and Flickr, to name a few from a Swedish perspective, have become household names and common practice at least among the younger age groups.

Simultaneously, we are approaching a time where mostly everyone, at least in said age groups, will have access to a device that can document the surroundings and the events taking place, instantaneously communicating with others about the occurrence. What is more is the ability of these devices to know where you are when all of this is taking place.

Taken together, these social and technological developments open up great opportunities for social media to further connect people and create new conversations. However, as the borders between the individual and the outside fade, there is a need to take a step back and reflect upon the issue of integrity. As an example, Facebook has had to withstand much criticism regarding its, often changing, privacy policy.

My thoughts in this matter are that firstly, social media should continue its adaptation to new technologies but secondly, it is most likely a change coming regarding either the number of sites/software or the abilities for users to make access to contents more restricted. In other words, the possibilities to vary the access to your contents for your personal and private networks, and even between subsets of these. This is however not what Google Buzz, the latest addition to this ever-growing jungle, is about. The question thus remains: where does our, the users’, willingness to share end?


About Marcus

Jag har nyligen börjat nära en besatthet av triathlon. Utöver det älskar jag prylar och att se nya platser. Min blogg kommer att vara en egocentrisk frossa i min träning med inslag av tankar kring utrustning och upplevelser runt omkring.
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