Buzz about Google Buzz

Google is now entering the area of social media for real with Google Buzz. Google Buzz can be described as a mix between Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku and Friendfeed. During the last couple of hours, there has already been a lot of buzz around it online. Google Buzz is integrated with your Gmail and/or your mobile. You can  integrate it with other services from Google, such as Google maps, Picasa, Blogger etc. It will also provide content from Twitter and you will be able to do different updates á la Facebook.

The world will most probably continue buzzing around the new service and only future can tell if we all will buzz in Google soon.

Want to have a good explanation what it’s really is about? Take a look here.


About Lisa Enckell

VP Marketing at Wrapp. Swede trying to adjust to all the sunshine and fog in San Francisco. And the great cocktails.
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