Is it Ok to make money through social media?

In light of  all the talks we have been having about the use and opportunities presented by social media; do you think its Ok to make money through these platforms? An excellent blog I follow asked this question: Twist Image Blog: “There is nothing wrong with making money

I agree. If the content or community is of value and the owner sees an opportunity to make money from it, why not?! Paying a little fee not only raises expectations regarding quality of content, it makes those who are paying for the content feel special for participating and/or acquiring knowledge or information they know not everyone has access too.

I wonder though. Since we are all such bright students and will hopefully some day be leaders in our respective industries… would we ever charge for the insights and thoughts posted on this blog? I guess considering the purpose of our blog, the answer would be: NO. But what about the future? Maybe our thoughts are worth more than we think.

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One Response to Is it Ok to make money through social media?

  1. enckelli says:

    I think it is an interesting question and many people are considering it, not at least the entire newspaper industry. What should we give away for free and what should we charge for? Does something has a value without a price?

    I love to live at this time, where sharing is one of the highest values. By sharing our thoughts we also market ourselves. Who would read this blog if you had to pay for it? When all the other blogs are free? By sharing and link to other blogs we can all participate in the ongoing discussions in a subject we are interesting in.

    Chris Anderson wrote a book about this subject a while ago, Free. His conclusion is that by giving out some parts for free, we can charge a higher amount for the other parts.

    What would our thoughts and ideas be worth if we only kept them to ourselves?

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