Light of hope through clouds of dismay

The future of marketing is often said to be a grim and cold one. That one should not study marketing due to the low chance of landing a decent job (or potential loss of one’s poor soul). However, in the cold sea of statistical reports engulfed by the chilly wind of political dogma, one can see the sun shine through the clouds of worry and dismay to reveal a brighter future. However, before I can go on with this “revelation” one must understand something fundamental about marketing.

In spite of what many believe, are told, tell and think about marketing… marketing is not just communication. Anyone who has read anything marketing related should have come across the mysterious and (overly) glorified “4 P’s”. For those that haven’t, the 4 P’s stand for Promotion, Product, Price and Place. These four P give a decent overall image of what marketing can be. Please notice that promotion is only 25 % of what is seen above. In fact, the 4 P’s are today seen as insufficient and marketing stretches far beyond these four (still, overly glorified) P’s. The core of my message? Marketing is NOT just communication. Marketing is business strategy involving everything from the development and distribution of the product to its price, advertising and customer support. The real question I assume one now asks is, why is this important?

The reason for why this is important and for why the sun of hope shines through the clouds of worry and dismay, is because once one realizes that marketing is not just communication, one also realizes how much value a good marketer truly can bring. How big the market actually is for people with a passion (and good education) for marketing. It is interesting however to notice how most that proclaim marketing as the sin of this earth, a dead career and a hopeless belief, fail to realize what marketing really is.

So before the reader of this simple post decides that marketing is not for him or her, before one choses to believe in reports where the author does not even know what the subject actually is and before one decides to join the pack of those who proclaim marketing’s evil and demise, please bear in mind that marketing has a bright future. Not because the parts of marketing that those who proclaim its death are ravaging about, but because of the parts that they never even saw in the first place. Those parts that, if you look more closely, will shine through as the sun of hope shines through the clouds of dismay.


About Pierrefect

A positive person who loves to take photos and listen to music while walking, exercise at the gym, meet friends, party, watch movies, listen to music and play games. Studying Business Administration at SSE focusing on the insanely interesting subject of marketing and working with promotion as a part time job.
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One Response to Light of hope through clouds of dismay

  1. enckelli says:

    I agree that marketers most likely do have a bright future, I might not agree that it is as negative as you put it today though.

    Last century, the technology was the heart of almost every company, if you had a superior product you most likely had a superior position in the market.

    Today, technology is still important, but a lot of companies do not compete on product specifications and product quality, it is the brand and reputation that make a difference.

    It is pretty easy to develop a product with high quality today, but it is not that simple to create a strong brand. Thus, marketers are important and I believe that the importance will increase further.

    Communication and marketing is the core of many companies and the ability to communicate successfully, not only to customers but also the financial market as well as future employees and other in the society is crucial for almost every company. And those company that haven’t realized that will most probably run into problem…I can definitely see a bright future for us marketers 😉

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