Snow chaos is not something to laugh about

Aftonbladet as well as other newspapers are working overtime tonight, as they promise to keep you updated on the weather problems. As of right now, noone has been hurt except for two people in a car accident, a guy who got an icicle in his head and a Coca Cola-factory where the snow almost made the roof cave in. Seeing how weather and weather related topics make up an important part of the daily word count in this country, I thought I would touch upon this area.

As a northener, I used to think that the Roland Emmerich-approach to winter that people from Stockholm have was funny. People actually kind of suffered a bit in this town as the infrastructure collapsed. But noone ever learned anything, and the next year it was the same story again, as the google trends graph on the word “snökaos” (snow chaos) shows. With the yappy, ultraunderdog complex of a northerner, how could you not laugh at something like that?

But that was before I started living here. The joke’s on me now, and I feel just as helpless and stranded as the people I used to make fun of when someone from SL says something about too much snow over the speaker phones.

I’ll end by showing a situation where I would accept the trains and buses being late.

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4 Responses to Snow chaos is not something to laugh about

  1. Ulrika Wiss says:

    But what should the Stockholmers have learnt? To not complain next year? What should you as an experienced Northerner have done? Brought you own snow shoes? I thought the funny part that we northerners were allowed to laugh at was that the people responisble for the infrastructure never learnt anything?

  2. fredricaxelsson says:

    It is the poor planning from officials AND the hopelessness experienced by commuters that is funny. Or used to be. I mean, the fact that Stockholm, the capital with all the political and cultural power, having to surrender to 6 centimeters of snow every year makes the ironymeter spinspinspin.

    And snowshoes will never happen, because they are not fashionable and I have to uphold some kind of image.

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