Cool fashion site

I ran into this cool fashion website today! Take a look!

Update; The Swedish agency Kokokaka created this cool campaign. The Swedish industry paper Resumé has written about the campaign here (in Swedish).


About Lisa Enckell

VP Marketing at Wrapp. Swede trying to adjust to all the sunshine and fog in San Francisco. And the great cocktails.
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5 Responses to Cool fashion site

  1. emiliou says:

    Now, that I call interactive! Good out-of-the-box thinking there, making a boring, static item like a catalogue be actually fun.

  2. Sofie E says:

    And take a look under the “Story” section. Now that’s a brand that has realized the benefits of storytelling.

  3. Julie says:

    Very cool website, Lisa.
    Also interesting to compare to Levi’s (, probably Wrangler’s biggest competitor. The Levi’s website doesn’t have the same spunk and originality as Wrangler’s.
    Levi’s is the older company (1853), but has had significant branding issues in the past- in the 1980s they tried to venture into suits… it was a disaster. Although one might think that this brand extension could work, people just couldn’t get over the perception they had of the Levi’s brand as a denim company.
    Have you guys seen the Levi’s subway trains running around Stockholm? What do you think of that as a new method of advertising? Probably a significant investment, I’d say. Worth it?


  4. enckelli says:

    I have no idea of what it could cost to market on the subways trains cost. I’ve seen it, and I’ve thought about it too. My guess is that they want to target young people in outskirts of Stockholm…I’m not really sure what it gives in terms of ROI, guess like similar to other type of outdoor marketing.

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