All PR is good PR?

In the world of mainstream buzz, we find the book-now-movie “Snabba cash”. The story circles around a guy from a small town in the north of Sweden who comes to Stockholm. What is he doing in Stockholm? He studies at SSE (no, I will not ask for royalties). He befriends some snobby rich kids at school, but has to work as a taxi driver during nights in order to keep up with the expensive party lifestyle of his new friends. One day, he is approached by a person in the cocaine business and gets introduced to organized crime.

If you feel that you have read this before, it is because you have. Every review of Snabba cash uses the same format to introduce the plot, and SSE is as good as always mentioned. Since a lot of people have seen the movie, the question is what this does to the brand of our school? In what almost looks like an article on their webpage, radio channel The Voice posted a youtube-clip showing behind-the-scenes footage where the Snabba cash-crew gets asked to leave when they are shooting outside the main entrance. The Voice speculates that it has to do with the negative portrayal of the SSE students.

I guess that we should be happy over the fact that we are the only Swedish institute of higher education that stars in movies, as well as having a stereotype. When did you see a movie about trying to fit in at Södertörn, Uppsala or Lund? While the stereotype isn’t very positive, I would argue that it builds SSE mythology, giving the school tons of PR. What do you think?

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8 Responses to All PR is good PR?

  1. emiliou says:

    I guess it’s better if people know (about) you, than if they don’t. In that sense, the negative stereotype can be harmful for students as individuals but not really for SSE. As you said: which other swedish university is featured in films? That gives the school a competitive advantage..

  2. enckelli says:

    I do believe that all PR is good. But, a lot of ppl I meet have a very clear picture of what it is like to study at SSE and how the students are like, that is not a very positive one and it strengthens further with a film like Snabba Cash….So I agree with Eleni, while it is good for SSE it might not be good for individual students…

  3. Sofie E says:

    From yet another portrayal of SSE as an elitist school only for the rich (or else you’ll have to submerge into the criminal world to uphold the expensive habits expected of you) coupled with the director of a popular movie backtalking the school in a much buzzed about youtube-clip, I don’t think SSE as a school will gain anything. The negative PR might only serve to fend off applications from students who don’t want to be part of the stereotypical SSE World – aka sane people. Ultimately that leads to a school of students who all think alike. Who benefits from that?

  4. Carl says:

    What does he say at 0:45, cant really make it out

  5. Oskar says:

    Actually, in the book JW (main character) studies at Stockholm University and not at SSE, the reason why they changed this for the movie was probably because they have to fit a 500 page book into a two hour movie. Instead of telling the complete story and elaborate why JW is an “elitist” they chose to use the SSE stereotype in order to portray this fact. I can agree with what Fredric is saying, it definitely brings a certain mythology to the school that other schools lack, which of course can be negative as well as positive for individual students.

  6. fredricaxelsson says:

    Haha I was an elitist way before even applying, so that stereotype doesn’t really hurt me. Step aside, plebeians!

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