iPad – the solution for newspapers?

I guess no one has missed Apple’s launch of the iPad. Many people in the news industry are now wondering, is this the solution we have waited for? Will people finally be willing to pay for the news? The mobile has shown to be the first device where people actually are willing to pay for content. We downlaod music illegally but we buy some applications to the iPhone with small, micro payments. The iPad might not be a mobile, but it has the same features with app store, the 3G internet access and the interface (at least externally) remind us very much of the iPhone or the iTouch.

Both New York Times and Washington Post have written about the iPad, and how it will affect the newspaper industry. Ezra Klein on Washington Post is very sceptic and believes that the only thing that could save the news paper industry is subsidies from the government. Brad Stone at New York Times has a more positive view. But he’s got some concerns too, Apple has previously had problem with the music industry, and what would actually make a difference this time, he wonders?

If you want to get some different perspectives on this issue, I can warmly recommend you to read the posts mentioned above.


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2 Responses to iPad – the solution for newspapers?

  1. Steve says:

    What about a different approach altogether, like partnering with a doctor’s office or cafe? You charge the doctor or cafe owner a smaller fee for each eNewspaper they distribute to their customers than those customers could get for a paper copy or e-copy on their own. The newspaper gets some revenue and the doctor or cafe owner can provide a newspaper for reading while their customers are there.

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